Featuring the jewelry designs of Tamara W. Hill — “One of a kind” Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants and Pins utilizing antique and contemporary ethnic and tribal elements, semi-precious beads and stones, rare minerals, and nature’s treasures: amber, turquoise, coral and shells gleaned from the inspiration of travels and the world’s bazaars.


The design of each necklace is a contemplative creation, inspired by Tamara’s travels, research and teaching about Himalayan culture and religion, as well as by her fascination with the beauty of ancient beads and ethnic ornaments from many countries. During her journeys, she has collected rare beads and artifacts, delighting in their history and in the richness of their stories and spiritual resonance.

Carefully selected and color-matched traditional elements and materials are utilized, such as natural turquoise, coral, Copal-amber, gem-inlaid amulet boxes (Gau), or minerals and beads in the earth-tones and bright rainbow hues favored by Tibetans. The universal affinity for beads and amulets as personal decoration, status symbol, and as a lure for physical attraction is contained in each component of the necklace, suggesting its origins and passage along the trade routes of time, distance and culture.

Each of Tamara’ s designs is an original creation and is not mass-produced. They are the fruition of many years of research and study, gathering and collecting beads, clasps, closures, cords and special materials, which form the components of the pieces she fashions for you to wear.

Each bead represents a thought and a meditation—a passionate process of blending historical awareness of sources and inspiration with taste and artistry. Each element—its color, selection, arrangement, and position in the overall design—is a careful consideration, as well as the result of patient handiwork.

The prices reflect not only the actual costs of the many materials, but also the hours that go into assembling the fine components, as well as the artistic decisions, which result in their appearance and their inner spirit. Tamara is committed to utilizing high quality beads and parts, so that you may enjoy her talismanic adornments as an enhancement to your personal style for a lifetime.